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Silver Halide violet CTP Plate
Silver halide CTP plate -Violet, 400-410nm, Compatible to Agfa Lithostar Ultra LAP-V Printing plates

Printing capacity up to 200,000 impressions

suitable for Newspaper printing and Commercial printing


Plate mode:                    Positive plate for high speed exposure

Coating     :                    High speed and sensitive silver halide coating

Thickness  :                    0.30mm(SSVx),0.15mm(SSVs) Surface treatment:

Electrolytic grained and anodized Format  :           All size,folio size,quatro or as customers require

Laser wave length:           Violet laser(400-410nm) Green laser(532nm)

Exposure energy  :           405nm, 2.0uj/cm²

Resolution          :            Under 250lpi, dot reproduction 2-98% Image color        :

Silvery black Developer/Finisher:           D6021,F6023

Wash-out speed:               2.5cm/ second

Wash-out temperature:      Developing 20°C,Spraying 40°C,protective coating 45°C Replenishing       

Developer:120mls/m²     Finisher:100mls/m²

Storage conditions     :      Plates undeveloped:temperature 30°C,relatieve humidity 70% below

Plates developed:temperature 18-24°C,relatieve humidity 70% below

Printing capacity    :          SSVs 50,000impressions;SSVx100,000-200,000impressions      

(depends on printing conditions and imaging content)


This plate now only thickness 0.30mm available, 

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